FNF Security Hub :

The Security Hub is the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s focal point for all security and defence related activities. It brings together a broad network of policy advisors and think tank experts from across Europe and beyond.

In a time when Europe faces instability in its neighbourhood and challenges by emerging powers, its members should strive to find common answers to some key questions: How and should Europe organise its security and defence? Which are the obstacles to a deeper European defence cooperation? How should Europe deal with competing powers, such as China? How can we retain meaningful control over the development and deployment of new weapons technologies such as hypersonic missiles or AI?
It is not easy to find answers to these questions or to define a liberal defence policy. However, there is a strong agreement within the Security Hub community, that European states should be courageous enough to integrate their defences deeper and put special emphasis not only on tanks, naval vessels and airplanes, but also on the citizens, who operate these systems in their profession as soldiers.
For media representatives and event organisers, the Security Hub serves as a resource pool for ideas, authors and speakers.

On these pages, you will find more information regarding our latest activities and our podcast “The Defence Café”.


For more information, please get in touch with our Security Hub coordinator Jeroen Dobber.