FNF Bulgaria :

The Foundation has been actively engaged in Bulgaria since the very beginning of the 1990s, right after the fall of communism. As part of the German Development Cooperation programme, the Foundation supported the transition to free market and democracy orientated system. Conveying the liberal concept through political consultancy and educational activities, FNF strengthened the democratization processes, the development of civil society and eventually, facilitated the country`s association with the European Union.

Since its accession to the European Union in 2007, Bulgaria no longer complies with the formal criteria for the German Development Cooperation. Yet, due to the vast social, economic and institutional deficits, the FNF remains still active in the country. The focus areas have now been shifted in two directions, both dealing with the European dimension. The first is consulting and capacity building of the liberal political parties in a way that they could address more effectively the problematic matters in the areas of free market, rule of law, freedom and democracy. The second, and in close collaboration with partner think-tanks, is raising public awareness of the same matters within the society through regular campaigns and publications.



Black Book of Government Waste in Bulgaria