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Established in 1958, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is headquartered in Potsdam (near Berlin), Germany. It runs programs in over 60 countries. With its projects FNF strives for a life in freedom, human dignity and peace for all people around the world. The value of freedom is the guiding principle of our work.

The foundation’s abroad work is a part of the foreign- and development-policies of the Federal Republic of Germany. Together with our partners, to which belong liberal parties, think tanks and various NGOs, we support the development of democratic institutions and rule of law and the construction of market economies. Through promoting approved and reliable liberal concepts we contribute to the chances of more and more people to achieve prosperity. We support our partners worldwide in finding solutions to economic and political problems in their regional and cultural contexts.

The Foundation in Bulgaria and North Macedonia searches for and develops liberal solutions in the following priority areas:

  • Good Governance, Transparency, and Anti-Corruption
  • Digitalisation and Innovations
  • Media Freedom
  • Human Rights

Our standard instruments include political education, policy support, and political dialogue.
Through our events and publications, we aim to encourage greater citizen’s engagement and active political participation.

We want to spread liberal ideas

Liberal concepts are the core of our work in all areas of politics. They are our contribution to freedom and prosperity everywhere in the world. The political philosophy of liberalism has always been a driver towards democracy, the rule of law, and a market economy. It offers guiding principles for political action based on the idea of freedom for each and every individual.

We work to strengthen civil society

We support, especially, liberal organisations and parties. An active and open society is an essential requirement for the free and productive discussion and resolution of our countries‘ problems. Only civil society can ensure that democracy is not limited to formal procedures but leads to people‘s true self-determination. Liberal organisations are an important voice in the pluralistic competition of opinions.

We want to intensify the transfer of liberal solutions from abroad into the political discussion in Germany

An open and productive dialogue is not a one-sided matter. Although we are a German political foundation, we do not just want to export know-how abroad, but also to learn from others and to promote a social learning process within Germany. Many countries, for instance, the Eastern European transitional states, have gained a lot of experience in reforming their political systems. This could often be used for solving urgent problems in Germany itself.