Our Partners

Shining through others: our Vietnamese partners

FNF Vietnam’s team consists of seven specialists with a lot of expertise, especially in economics and business administration. All of us have a deep understanding of Vietnam and its economy. We are always eager to engage in current issues, offering commentary, advice and insight. Hence, supporting our partners thorough research, conference speaking and workshops is our primary goal here at FNF.

Among those partners, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is one of the biggest. In 2020, there was several conferences in planning regarding international integration. In that sense, FNF is also engaged in organising a field trip to Germany and the EU for Vietnamese officials to promote the strategic partnership of the two countries. We are proud to be trusted to cooperate with MOFA and to represent German interests to them.

Regarding academia and research, the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) of VNU University of Economic and Business (UEB), as well as the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), a national institute under the direct authority of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, are our main partners. In cooperation with VEPR, we are organising a conference on the Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2020 along with funding for book publication. We also support their seminars by providing funds and bringing in our expertise. With UEB directly, we are a donor for Business Challenges Contest and contribute to a book publication commemorating the anniversary of 45-year diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Germany with both manpower and funds. Our partnership with CIEM has resulted in several field trips and workshops this year alone. Together, we are conducting research projects concerning highly topical issues such as business failure by SMEs and the legal framework for household businesses.

Another research-related cooperation takes place with IPA in Quảng Ninh. Here, we are assessing the Competitive Index for departmental, district and sectoral level (DDCI) and organising a conference on it. This engagement comes with our commitment to promote SME culture in Vietnam especially in rural areas. In the same levels, we promote a conference or workshops on the enhancing business environment for private sector with the IP Center in Bắc Giang and Bắc Ninh.

Field trips are an essential part of our actions, as we always require researchers and policy makers cooperating with us to have practical experience on a certain topic. Consequently, together with the Vietnam Institute of Economics (VIE) we are engaged in policy review, as well as in giving workshops concerning agricultural insurance products in the Mekong Delta. VIE also accounts to our list of academic partners. 

The Project "A Comprehensive and Practical Guidebook on EVFTA and EVIPA for full Utilization by Businesses” will be implemented with our partner Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). This project aims at building a useful guidebook on using EVFTA and EVIPA for businesses. It will serve as a useful long-term reference material for the businesses in the process of implementing the EVFTA-EVIPA and contribute to the successes of exploitation of these agreements by the Vietnam businesses.

Furthermore, among our partners are the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the Foreign Trade University (FTU), Vietnamese-German University (VGU) as well as the Centre for Family Support and Community Development (CFSCD) and many others, depending on current projects.