Sustainable City
New Perspectives of Data Ecosystem for Sustainable City: Policy Report

TESEV Report "Data for Disaster Risk Reduction: An Evaluation on the Use and Sharing"
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The policy report “Afet Riskinin Azaltılması için Verinin Kullanımı ve Paylaşımı Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme / Data for Disaster Risk Reduction: An Evaluation on the Use and Sharing” prepared for "New Approaches to Data Ecosystem for Sustainable Cities" project of Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), in the 8th year of the "Supporting Sustainable Cities" program supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is published.

The report written by Dr. Bürge Elvan Erginli first examines how data and information technologies are situated in global frameworks and national plans for disaster risk reduction. Following a general outline of the types of data relating to the three stages (that are before, during and after disasters), the report draws on relevant studies and engages the discussions in the round table meetings held within the scope of the project and attended by representatives from different institutions and organisations to analyse the data produced, utilised, and shared in the project provinces. The final section of the report presents conclusions and recommendations.

You can find the more information on the project activities, the podcasts and the report on TESEV's website.