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Millennial Takeover: We Aren't Afraid of the New Strongman

Kakheti, Georgia, 2023
Millennial Takeover 2023
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In the serene landscapes of Kakheti, Georgia, a crucial seminar titled "Millennial Takeover: We Aren't Afraid of the New Strongman" unfurled from August 30th to September 3rd, 2023. Gathering a vibrant ensemble of 20 young thinkers from 12 different nations, the seminar emerged as a hotbed of innovative ideas and spirited discourse. Each participant brought to the table a medley of viewpoints drawn from their personal and regional experiences.

Central to the discussions was the identification of techniques wielded by populists in the contemporary global stage. The seminar deep-dived into understanding these mechanisms and how they've been meticulously designed to undermine democratic institutions. Equipped with this knowledge, attendees brainstormed effective strategies. They grappled with the question of how liberals can robustly counteract populist tactics and ensure the preservation and enhancement of democratic values.

The seminar crescendoed on its last day with an impactful training session orchestrated by the Turkish civil society organization, Kuest. This training pivoted around leveraging the might of social media to foster change. As the digital age thrives, harnessing the power of social platforms is pivotal. Under Kuest's expert guidance, participants crafted strategies and began initiatives aimed at making waves in the digital space, heralding a brighter, more informed future.

Stay tuned to our channels as we follow the remarkable journeys of these young leaders, fortified with the tools and knowledge from their time in Kakheti. The "Millennial Takeover" isn't just an event; it's the beginning of a movement.