Innovation for Democracy
Join our Democracy Board Game Festival!

Democracy Board Game_FNF

FNF Global Innovation Hub will hold our first ever Democracy Board Game Festival between August 15 and September 2, 2022. It will take place online, via the platform “Gather” - so everyone can join, regardless of time zone, location or corona restrictions! 

Explore our exhibition space, and learn more about the five games we are featuring:  Each game was developed by a different organization, and each organization will give the audience a game tour at the upcoming events.

Democracy is diverse, and so are the topics that can be explored through our games: What does it take to keep a democracy running smoothly? What do you have to do to run a fair and free democratic election? How can migrant workers’ rights be protected?  How can we curb discrimination against non-traditional families consisting of LGBTQ+ or members with diverse cultural and ethnic background? What do open government, open source, open data mean and why are they important to democracy? Visit our exhibition and find out! Click here to register for the events before August 17!

Why we hold this festival

Games inspire innovation. They are safe but free laboratories that allow people to experiment new ideas for advocating democracy. In the regions or countries with shrinking civic spaces, games can be the only safe way to sustain democracy and human rights education. Moreover, games make democracy education interesting. They help players to understand an issue by simulating the reality and interacting with other players.

Therefore, FNF Global Innovation Hub initiates the Democracy Board Game Festival in 2022. The exhibition will invite NGOs and FNF branch offices to exhibit their table games for democracy and human rights online. The Hub hopes that this online exhibition can not only inspire more innovation, but also keep democracy and human rights education going when COVID-19 limits the opportunities of physical meetings.


The virtual exhibition room has been established on Gather. During the time other than events, the exhibition room is open for visitors any time. You can enter the exhibition room by clicking the link given by us without needing to sign up. Create your own avatar and explore! We will release the link on our social media and website later, please stay tuned!

Games for Exhibition

Here are the board games and the organizations initiating these games. We will release their introduction on our website and social media in the following weeks, don’t miss it!

Event Time Table

We will hold the following events and tours to let the game designers  introduce  not just the games, but also what drove them to create those games, how they made their games really reflect the need of the stakeholders, and how their games inspire more innovative ideas of democracy advocacy. Click here to register for the following events before August 17!

Opening Party and Tour of Sim Democracy on August 19, at 4:00-5:30pm (UTC+8) 

All the game designers will greet the audience, and the designer of Sim Democracy, Ms Pimrapaat Dusadeeisariyakul, will share with us her recipe of gamification of democracy education and how Sim Democracy inspires more innovations in democracy educations.

Tour of Migrant Worker Life and Home Play on August 24, at 4:00-5:00pm (UTC+8)

Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association will give us a tour of their Home Play game, and  1095,Studio will introduce their Migrant Worker Life table game.

Tour of the Poll and Open Starter Village and Closing Gathering on September 1, at 4:00-5:30pm (UTC+8)

Open Culture Foundation  will give us a tour of their Open StarTer Village game, and FNF India Office will introduce The Poll.

Your part

In the exhibition room, you will discover whiteboards or mail boxes to invite you to share your feedback to all the game designers, your ideas, proposals, and experience to develop a board game for democracy education. Please share your ideas with us!