Sim Democracy Board Game

กระดานเกม Sim Democracy
กระดานเกม Sim Democracy

The election Commission and FNF started to distribute Sim Democracy in a school for ethnic minorities in Mae Cham District, Chiang Mai Province, before sharing it with other schools all over the country. Later, a national contest of Sim Democracy was organized to celebrate the EC's 13th anniversary. 

Mr. Puchong Nuttrawong, a former Secretary-General of the Office of Election Commission of Thailand said that "executive-level officials taking responsibility to promote civil rights must be the first group to play this game before guiding officials of other organizations."

Sim Democracy could reach target groups not only in Thailand but also internationally. First, the Thai EC introduced Sim Democracy to EC's officials in Bhutan. When Sim Democracy was first introduced to foreigners, it received a very positive response. Subsequently, it was introduced to FNF partners in many more countries, such as South Korea, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Germany, and India. In Malaysia and Myanmar, language and pictures were adapted to suit the local context. In 2014, the World Forum for Democracy, hosted by the Council of Europe, selected Sim Democracy as one of the 20 most innovative learning materials on democracy.

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