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Embracing Cyber Hygiene

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In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, the FNF Global Innovation Hub in Taipei has crafted a campaign promoting cybersecurity with love and care 🌐✨ Let's celebrate by gifting not just flowers but the timeless promise of cybersecurity! 🎁

© FNF Global Innovation Hub

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Mother's Day: Embracing Cyber Hygiene

  • Celebrate this Mother's Day by gifting not just the flowers but the timeless promise of cybersecurity. Presented by FNF Global Innovation Hub

Update, update:

Make sure your software and apps are up to date. Delete unused apps and software that could be exploited to access your device.

Take control of your privacy:

Decide which apps can access your phone's features like location and camera. It's your space, so set the boundaries that feel right for you.

Stronger together:

Protect your accounts with passphrases – long and memorable (like apricot-stingray-antarctica). Use a password manager like Bitwarden or ProtonPass for extra security. And don't forget to add an extra layer with multi-factor authentication.

Navigate the web safely:

Choose browsers like Firefox that prioritize your privacy. Add-ons like Privacy Badger act as your online bodyguard, keeping trackers at bay.

Shield your online travels:

Whether you're at a coffee shop or the train station, use a trusted VPN like ProtonVPN to keep your internet activities private and secure.

Lock away your digital treasures:

Embrace end-to-end encryption with services like Signal for messaging, ProtonMail for emails, and Standard Notes for jotting down thoughts. Your data deserves the utmost protections.

Spot the tricks:

Be vigilant against phishing attempts. Always verify the sender's address before clicking on any links or sharing sensitive information.