Freedom Pioneers of Africa : Naumann-Foundation launches new radio programme on innovation and entrepreneurship

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in sub-Saharan Africa presents the cross-regional radio simulcast project “Freedom Pioneers of Africa”. In twelve episodes, local change-makers present their projects and discuss topics such as innovation, digitalisation and entrepreneurship. The programme broadcasts on community radio stations in six countries in the region and is subsequently published as a podcast. 

"African entrepreneurs regularly develop exciting, impactful innovations – but they are little known to the general population. As a result, they rarely serve as role models, leaving existing potential in the young and creative population untapped. With our radio programme, we aim to encourage young people to take the reins of action and start thinking about how they too can use their entrepreneurial spirit to bring about positive change in their communities and beyond," explains Inge Herbert, Africa Director of the Naumann Foundation.

The featured entrepreneurs discuss topics related to energy, education, health, financial inclusion, agriculture, climate and waste management. The audience is encouraged to give feedback about the initiatives being presented to them by the change-maker during the live radio broadcast. An external global connect expert then helps analyse the initiative and provides input on how it can be transformed into an even bigger global product.

The programme, presented mainly in English, airs on eighteen community radio stations in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi. Each episode has a length of 10 - 15 minutes. 

You can find the participating community radio stations and their broadcast times here

Freedom Pioneers of Africa

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