Our Partners : Our Partners in Sri Lanka

In accordance with its funding guidelines (BMZ-FR), the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) grants subsidies from the federal budget, Chapter 2302 Title 687 04, for projects spanning the areas of social policy making in which the federal government maintains a considerable interest, and which align with its development policy guidelines.

Eligible projects include social policy projects that render a sustainable contribution to the establishment and consolidation of democratic structures, the promotion of independent, globally sustainable and socially equitable approaches to economic development, and the intensification of regional and international understanding and peaceful cooperation.

Socio-political education includes providing support to socio-political groups and institutions in developing and transitional countries in their efforts to align their political and social apparatus with the principles of democracy, the rule of law and the market economy.

From the point of view of BMZ, the following have been deemed eligible:
Socio-political projects concerning cooperation partners such as, for example, human rights organisations and other civic society organisations, political parties, youth and business organisations, business and public administration management, education in journalism as well as social and research institutions.

The following are expressly excluded from access to such promotional assistance under German law (as under the laws of the project countries, which must be strictly observed in any given case):

 the institutional promotion of political parties
 providing material support that aids the establishment of political parties
 financial campaign assistance