Publication launch: Young People Facing the Permanent Crisis


"Young People Facing the Permanent Crisis: Expectations, Preferences, and Attitudes towards Socio-Economic Realities" publication cover.

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The publication "Young People Facing the Permanent Crisis: Expectations, Preferences, and Attitudes towards Socio-Economic Realities"  is going to be launched during an online event taking place on the 14th of November, at 16h. This joint endeavor of the FNF Madrid office and its partner EsadeEcPol, aims to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities facing young individuals in Mediterranean countries.

The comprehensive study spans across Spain, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, and Tunisia, providing valuable insights into the socio-economic attitudes of youth. By delving into their expectations and preferences, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of how young people navigate through the complexities of a perpetually evolving landscape.

The transition to adulthood for those born between 1980 and 2005 has been profoundly impacted by recurrent economic and social crises, particularly affecting young individuals in Southern Europe and the broader Mediterranean region. This webinar unveils the findings of a pioneering multi-country survey, offering fresh insights into the perspectives of young adults (aged 18-34) in the Mediterranean. We will explore vital aspects of their present, such as financial stability, ability to save for the future, emancipation, and housing. Furthermore, we will delve into their outlook on the immediate and long-term future, backed by specific data. The webinar will also address their perceptions of the critical challenges they anticipate in adulthood, their preferred solutions, and their evaluation of the institutions tasked with addressing them.

The online event will feature esteemed speakers including Jorge Galindo, Associate Director of EsadeEcPol, and Ignacio Jurado, Professor of Political Science at IC3JM of UC3M. They will be joined by Ariane Aumaitre, a doctoral researcher at EUI and a policy expert, who co-authored the study "La generación de la doble crisis". The discussion will be expertly moderated by David Henneberger, Head of the FNF Madrid office.

Join us as we uncover critical findings and engage in insightful discussions surrounding the aspirations and experiences of the youth in these diverse Mediterranean nations at ESADE Youtube channel:

The event is going to be held in Spanish.