Meetings with Iniciativa Liberal and Study Presentation in Lisbon


From left to right: Mariana Leitão, Senior Advisor, Iniciativa Liberal; Carlos Garzarán, FNF Madrid; David Henneberger, FNF Madrid; Rui Rocha, MP, President of Iniciativa Liberal; Amanda Santos, Advisor, Iniciativa Liberal; Rodrigo Saveira, MP, Iniciativa Liberal; João Cotrim Figueiredo, MP and former party president, Iniciativa Liberal

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The FNF team recently met with the leadership of our partner and ALDE member party Iniciativa Liberal in Portugal. The young party is one of Europe’s most promising new players on the field, currently having eight elected MPs in the national assembly. The meeting took place to discuss the country's political situation ahead of the 2024 budget approval in the parliament and the Madeira regional elections. Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the next steps in what has become a very fruitful partnership.

At the same occasion, The Friedrich Naumann Foundation, in partnership with IPDAL, and Portugal, presented a comprehensive report on the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience    plan in Southern Europe and the economic outlook. Nuno Vilão, a respected member of the IPDAL research community and a trusted advisor at the institute, is the author of the report, bringing-in valuable expertise      and insights.

The report examines key areas of focus, including infrastructure development, digitalization, green initiatives, and education providing insights into their potential economic impact and resilience-building capabilities. Moreover, the report critically assessed how these measures could make the region more resilient in the face of future challenges.

While acknowledging the promise of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, the report also recognized the obstacles in its path, including efficiency and bureaucracy. However, it also highlighted the numerous opportunities, such as encouraging innovation, sustainability, and social inclusivity. After final editing, the report will soon be available for download.

Nuno Vilão

Nuno Vilão, Advisory Board Member - IPDAL

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