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Liberal Values in Play: Unveiling the 'Freedom Heroes' Board Game


Odilia Abreu, Mediterranean Dialogue Project Manager, FNF Madrid

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The FNF Madrid office joined efforts with the FNF Morocco office and the Youth Task Force (an initiative of the FNF Morocco office) to present the board game "Freedom Heroes" at an event held last week in Rabat, Morocco.

The launch event in Rabat convened 20 young individuals hailing from various locations across Morocco. The program was crafted to acquaint participants with the game and provide them with an opportunity to explore its educational, strategic and entertaining potential.

Sebastian Vagt, Head of the FNF Morocco office, warmly welcomed the participants and underscored the importance of creating innovative formats to resonate with new audiences who identify with liberal values and its challenges.

Odilia Abreu, Senior Project Manager of the Mediterranean Dialogue at FNF Madrid, expanded on the welcome remarks and provided an overview of the game's objectives and emphasized its significance in fostering critical thinking and understanding of liberal values.

Participants were then introduced, creating a diverse and engaged group ready to embark on this educational journey.

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The presentation of the board game marked a pivotal moment, with Odilia Abreu and Berta Alvarez, Content board game developer, offering insights into the game's concept, theme, and historical context. They delved into the game's components and mechanics, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of what lay ahead.

This was followed by a gameplay demonstration, where participants were divided into small groups, each guided by a facilitator. This hands-on experience allowed participants to apply their knowledge and strategic thinking.

The Q&A session provided a platform for participants to seek clarifications and offer recommendations about the game mechanics and design. This interactive exchange further enriched the event, highlighting the engagement and enthusiasm of the participants.

The event concluded with a feedback and discussion session, where facilitators and participants shared their thoughts and suggestions.

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All in all, the launch of "Freedom Heroes" in Rabat was a resounding success, demonstrating the potential of board games as powerful tools for education and enlightenment. Participants left with a deeper understanding of liberal values and a renewed commitment to championing freedom and resilience in the face of global challenges. "Freedom Heroes" stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring a new generation to embrace the liberal values that form the bedrock of free and inclusive societies.

Following the successful launch of the "Freedom Heroes" board game in Morocco, we are excited to announce our upcoming venture in Madrid at the end of the month. Stay tuned for more details!

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About “Freedom Heroes” by FNF Madrid

In the framework of the FNF bi- annual theme “Reshape Europe”, the FNF Madrid office has decided to create a board game with the aim to make players think and build up strategies on how  Europe and the world can become more resilient and assertive in order to stand up to the enemies of freedom worldwide.

In a world where the values of freedom and democracy are constantly under threat, at FNF Madrid, we developed a board game that not only entertains but educates, empowering players to ponder the question: How can Europe become more resilient and assertive in the face of global challenges? Thus, "Freedom Heroes" was born, a game designed to stimulate critical thinking, strategic planning, and a deeper understanding of the values that underpin a free and open society.

Freedom Heroes is a board game that transcends mere entertainment, offering players a unique opportunity to engage with and internalize the core tenets of liberal values. Designed with meticulous attention to these principles, the game invites participants to explore, strategize, and appreciate the significance of freedom, equality, and individual rights in shaping societies. Through engaging gameplay, players not only immerse themselves in a thrilling experience but also deepen their understanding of liberal ideals.