Hope for the opposition in Venezuela?


Event "Elecciones primarias de la plataforma unitaria en Venezuela". Thursday 21st September, 2023.

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On September 21st, a thought-provoking debate took place at Schiller International University, organized by the Forum Libertas, Veritas y Legalitas in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The discussion centered on the current state of     Venezuela and the forthcoming primary elections, bringing together prominent voices from different sides of the Venezuelan political spectrum.

The main participants in this engaging exchange were Luisa Ortega, the former attorney general of Venezuela known for her advocacy of human rights, and Aldo de Santis, who served as a minister counselor in the embassy of the interim government of Venezuela to Spain and is a seasoned political advisor. The moderator for the event was Fernando Maura, the director of the forum of Libertas, Veritas y Legalitas.

Central to the dialogue was the question of whether participation in the upcoming elections was a viable and morally sound choice given the challenging political climate in Venezuela. The speakers delved into the significance of upholding democratic principles and pondered the most effective ways for the Venezuelan population to respond to the authoritarian rule of President Nicolas Maduro. It was a robust conversation marked by differing viewpoints and, at times, disagreements. Importantly, though, the discourse remained civil throughout, serving as an exemplar of respectful and constructive political dialogue.

The debate also prompted reflections on the role of the opposition in Venezuela, drawing comparisons between the era of former President Hugo Chávez and the current leadership of Nicolas Maduro. These insights shed light on the complexities of Venezuela's political landscape and the challenges it faces in the pursuit of democratic governance and human rights.

The event drew a diverse audience that included representatives from various Venezuelan political parties, members of the press, and students from Schiller International University. Additionally, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom was well-represented by its own  participants, further contributing to the rich exchange of ideas and perspectives on one of the most pressing issues of our time: the state of Venezuela and the path forward for its people.