A holistic Euro-Mediterranean approach to Migration- European Network of Liberal Experts

Network of Liberal Experts on Migration

Network of Liberal Experts on Migration during a visit to the Spanish Government Subdelegation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a meeting with María Teresa Mayans Vázquez, Deputy Delegate.

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At FNF Madrid, earlier this week we hosted a meeting with migration experts from Renew Europe, the liberal caucus in the European Parliament (EP), and from ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party), the pan-European liberal party family, which are part of the European Network of Liberal Experts on Migration launched by the FNF Madrid office, in 2020. We aim to strengthen the network of liberal policy makers and experts in order to harmonize proposals and political action addressing migration issues.

At the end of last year, FNF Madrid held the first in- person activity of the European Network of Liberal Experts on Migration – a Visiting Program on Migration to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), which included a working session to talk about future activities. In this line, our first step in 2022 was to bring together experts from Renew Europe and from ALDE, with the aim to elaborate a joint action plan.

Representatives from the RENEW Caucus in the EP, from Ciudadanos (Spain), Free Democrats (Germany), NEOS (Austria), Nowoczesna (Poland), Più Europa (Italy), Laisves partija (Lithuania), among others came together online to reinforce its commitment to keep working on liberal solutions towards migration. Among the main proposals, the participants highlighted the need to strength the establishment of legal pathways, as well as to showcase best practices concerning migration management and liberal policies, among Europe.

During the meeting, a joint action plan for dialogue events in 2022 was established, including a visiting programs in transit or origin countries to a Handbook compiling best practices and liberal proposals on migration management.

Network of Liberal Experts on Migration

Network of Liberal Experts on Migration


FNF Madrid

Migration is one of the strategic pillars of the FNF Madrid office, which aims at solutions for the Mediterranean region but also at fostering dialogue and promote liberal solutions to one of the world´s mega trends in Europe. EU Member States and Mediterranean countries are linked as destination, transit or origin countries on the migration issue. In addressing conflicts caused by migration movements and their root causes, a holistic Euro-Mediterranean approach is fundamental: within Europe to strengthen integration capacity in the respective political, professional and social systems and to counter right-wing populist sentiment against refugees by promoting tolerance and open societies.