Mediterranean Dialogue
Diaspora: The Nation of Nostalgia

Talk on art and diaspora with Laila Hotait
Laila Hotait
Laila Hotait, Spanish-Lebanese filmmaker and artist.

The career of Laila Hotait, an artist and film producer of Lebanese origin based in Madrid, reflects the importance of including the diaspora in the debate on migration and integration. As an artist, she has found a space in "the nation of nostalgia", a place to create and reflect the cultural diversity of the Mediterranean that makes up her career in the world of cinema.

The questions raised by Laila Hotait through her testimony are about the importance of freedom in artistic expression and cultural diversity to build bridges between countries of the Mediterranean.

If you want to know more, make sure to watch the video on our YouTube channel MD GO - by Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The session was held in English.

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Talk on Art and Diaspora with Laila Hotait