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Next Normal Innovators

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Next Normal Innovators

Entrepreneurship is a driving force in economic freedom. Startup entrepreneurship in particular has shaped and continues to shape our lives and our future through continuous innovation. We want to bring together innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors leading the changes through this “Next Normal” environment. 

In this edition, we put a spotlight on what it takes to bring ideas into reality: learning and refining the entrepreneurial skill of pitching, and fundraising to propel a venture. We would also tackle emerging innovations that arise from the pandemic, alongside cultural and technological shifts. 

This event will take place on October 29th 2022 in Bangkok, a city considered a prolific hub in both Thailand and the ASEAN. It would consist of a pitch workshop, a panel discussion on innovations, a more casual chat on fundraising, followed by a mixer.

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The Programme will include: 

  • The Art of the Pitch: 10AM to 12PM  by startup coach Artie Lopez to learn the essential skill of communicating an idea in a compelling way when presenting to investors, competitions, or customers.


  • Unleash Innovation in the Next Normal: 2PM to 3:30PM with Panelists:
  1. Mr. Vee Sirasoontorn - Cofounder & CEO of Primo World Co., Ltd. 
  2. Ms. Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch - Founder of Ooca (Telemedica Co., Ltd)
  3. Mr. Chan Ratiromphan - Associate Director at Bluebik Group PLC. 
  4. Mr. Chinawut Chinaprayoon - EVP, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Thailand (DEPA)
  • Struggles and Success: Fundraising Edition: 4PM to 5:30PM  with Panelists:
  1. Ms.Saijai (Kia) Pongsripetch - Corporate Strategist at Reapra Thailand
  2. Mr. Chuchchon Saenjaibal - Founder of 360truck 
  3. Mr. Kris Supavatanakul - Portfolio Growth Manager at SCB 10X and Founder of Cheewid
  4. Ms. Cindy Kua Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Sunday Ins Co. Ltd.
  • Innovators’ Soiree: 6PM to 9PM

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  • Next Normal Innovators

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