Cartoonists tell the stories of human rights issues in Southeast Asia

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Cartoonists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand display their artworks to reflect human rights issues in their home countries at Human Rights in ASEAN – The Cartoonists Perspective Exhibition.

26 cartoonists from Malaysia and Indonesia, 2 from Myanmar, 6 from the Philippines and 4 from Thailand gathered their artworks to tell the stories of social injustices close to home. Their names are listed here.

81 cartoons produced by the cartoonists reflect ongoing human rights violations, which need immediate attention, in the five countries. The messages about the state of emergency in Malaysia, the Lèse-majesté law in Thailand, the murderous war on drugs in the Philippines, the coup in Myanmar and religious extremism in Indonesia are creatively conveyed in art form. Click here to enjoy a walk through this colorful gallery.

The exhibition aims to serve as a platform for the cartoonists to interpret various human rights violations in their home countries and pen their dissatisfaction on the issues creatively. This way, the world can understand the human rights issues in the region in a visually attractive form.

To achieve this purpose, Zunar, the main organizer of the exhibition, briefed the cartoonists about the theme and objectives of the exhibition online. This action indeed brings colourful artworks to highlight the issues in the region.

The exhibition is being held virtually from July 1st to 30th 2021 at the

The Human Rights in ASEAN exhibition is jointly organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom together with Hujjah Ehsan and is led by Zunar, the recipient of Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award and Cartooning for Peace Award.