Freedom of Media

Guidebook for Strong and independent Media

Guidebook for Strong and independent Media

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in collaboration with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, with The Institute of Democracy, Media and Culture Exchange as well as with local partners started a three-year educational project for the journalists of South Caucasus.

Three groups consisting of fifteen journalists of different age, professional background and experience from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia received high-level skill training  regarding Business and Economics, Cultural Values and Conflict Journalism. This educational project aims at contributing to the development of impartial journalism and establishing contacts between the representatives of regional media.

Under this theoretical and practical collaboration between the Journalists from the South Caucasus and the international experts three textbooks were created in order to support the development of free and strong media. The focus of the books follow the overall topics of the workshops and center around the fields of economics, cultural values and conflicts.

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Introduction to Diversity Reporting

Introduction to Business and Economic Journalism

Introduction to Conflict Sensitive Reporting