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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is active in the South Caucasus since 1996. It started its activities by political education projects in Azerbaijan and extended them to Armenia and Georgia in 2002.

Today the Foundation for Freedom maintaines the South Cauca- sus office in Tbilisi, Georgia. The main focus of its work is the transformation process of former Soviet Republics into modern democracies with free political systems based on market economy and the rule of law.

The Foundation for Freedom supports this process with educational, policy advice and dialogue activities, with the aim of enabling an active civil society to participate in the economic processes and the development of political will in their countries.

Participation and personal responsibility are important principles of the Foundation’s work in the South Caucasus. From the point of view of development policy these activities are especially relevant because they reveal potential, trigger proactive initiative and in- novative power in the civil society. The development of human capital in the partner countries is an important precondition for a successful development of the three partner countries. In this sense, we have had especially positive experience in co-operative dialogue with reform-oriented leadership and so-called change agents who push innovative and sustainable reform concepts in their countries.

Our Aims

  • Promoting democracy with an emphasis on liberal values, pluralism, ownership society, and citizen participation
  • Rule of law with an emphasis on transparency, property rights, and accessibility of the judiciary system
  • Build a framework for freedom, peace, and prosperity in the region
  • Networking of liberal partners at the regional, European and international level
  • Transfer of knowledge into political practice, with an emphasis on liberal approaches and policies