FuckUp Nights Moscow : FuckUp Nights Moscow

A popular around the world project is brought to Russia by Friedrich Naumann Foundation.


Let's fight the stigma of failure

In 2016 Moscow office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation started to co-organize a new project – FuckUp Nights Moscow. Why? Julius von Freytag-Loringhoven, head of the office at the time, answered like this: “For us, liberals, the key value is the person, their individual dignity, freedom, and responsibility. We believe that one’s eagerness to think and decide on their own, to be responsible for their actions is a great thing for the economy, society, and politics”.

FuckUp Nights Moscow Event

FuckUp Nights is a global movement that emerged in 2012 in Mexico. It aims to normalize talking about business failures in our society. At every event, hundreds of participants gather to listen to 3-4 entrepreneurs who share their failure stories. Each presenter has up to 7 minutes and can use up to 10 pictures for his speech. After each presentation follows a Q&A session. When the presentations are over, an informal part starts where all participants can network over a glass of wine.

FuckUp Nights Moscow Event 2

Like many other projects of the Foundation, due to coronavirus FuckUp Nights had to migrate to an online format. The good thing is that the online version continues to gather people together and break the stigma of a business failure.

FuckUp Nights believe that success stories are quite boring. It is much more interesting to talk about failures and learn from them. People, who are open to new ideas, and entrepreneurs, who are ready to take risks to build a prospering society.

If you have experience of a business failure and you want to share it with like-minded people – let us know!

The project is organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in partnership with Zest. More information is on the Facebook page of the Moscow Office.