New Business Order: как стартапы меняют экономику и общество

Кристоф Гиза и Лена Шиллер

Startups have changed the conventional business with new products, ideas, processes and a new culture of openness. They are resourceful, closer to customers and never give up. They open new markets in many areas from consulting to consumer goods and are successful in using opportunities that big companies have missed.

They don’t need flashy headquarters. They are operating under conditions of horizontal network communications. And they ask proper questions – We need financial services but do we need banks? We need creative staff but do we need a fixed payroll?

The book by Christoph Giesa and Lena Schiller demonstrates by many examples how it is possible to use new economic changes for your benefit.

Christoph Giesa (1980), an analyst and a consultant in strategy development, social changes and their impact on economy and politics. He lives in Hamburg.

Lena Schiller (1980), an entrepreneur, a teacher and an expert in labor policy changes and their impact on society. She lives in Hamburg and Berlin.