Либерализм в XXI веке

Современные вызовы свободе и новые либеральные ответы
Titelseite Buch Liberalismus

Over the past two centuries liberalism gave humankind prosperity, freedom and development never experienced before. Ideals of human freedom and dignity, constitutional state, civil society, constitutionalism and democracy, minorities interests protection, tolerance and pluralism, peaceful cooperation of peoples, progress and continuous technological and social innovations are just a part of its great historical and ideologic legacy. Nevertheless today liberalism is being attacked from many directions. Its fundamental values and political program are under aggressive attack of various enemies of freedom. Liberalism is attacked by adepts of authoritarian regimes, nationalism, xenophobia, militarism, etatism, protectionism, populism, communitarianism and other anti-liberal forces and movements. Liberalism is loudly accused for all sins and problems of the modern day. However there is no better alternative for humanity.

More than seventy experts from Russia and European countries took part in putting together this book which is dedicated to the arguments supporting liberalism, liberalism’s answers to most urgent questions of the modern time, and how liberalism can oppose accusations of its adversaries. The book is intended for a general reader