Internet Voting
Internet Voting. The reality of our times

Internet Voting. The reality of our times
© Author: FNF Romania and Moldova

"I-voting could be a solution in the future for millions of citizens living abroad, especially for the diaspora in Eastern Europe for whom access to this basic democratic exercise is much more difficult. Nevertheless, factors such as lack of trust in state actors, general distrust of politicians, lack of political will and possible cyber security risks can and probably will be the main obstacles delaying this process for many years. Thus, without downplaying the fears listed above, in the spirit of the consensus on the need to introduce such a voting system in the future, this publication seeks to provide answers to the questions, arguments and positions raised by our dialogue partners."

Raimar Wagner, project director FNF Romania and Moldova.

Policy paper on internet voting, authored by experts Victor Guzun, Kevin Tammearu, Ana-Maria Stancu, Alexandru Balmos, and coordinated by Sergiu Boghean.

This policy paper includes general considerations on i-Voting, considerations for the introduction of Internet voting in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova and future perspectives on the topic.

The present initiative is part of a series of our efforts in advancing the imperative of e-Governance, started in 2018.

You can download the publication here:

  • Votul online - Realitatea timpurilor noastre

    Internet voting - the reality of our times