Human Rights
“Pounding the rock”: the legacy of the late Filipino human rights defender Chito Gascon

Chito Gascon

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Chito Gascon, the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) of the Philippines, passed away in October 2021 due to a Covid infection. “Every single strike, every moment whether in times of victory or frustration, what we do every day will make a difference." so a quote from Chito Gascon. The former CHR Chairman is known for his comparison of the fight for democracy and human rights to the pounding of a rock: in the end, the summary of (even little) actions will result in big achievements. In cooperation with Rappler, whose CEO Maria Ressa was recently awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, FNF Philippines showcases Chair Chito legacy and his daily fight for human rights in a documentary including anecdotes from Chito Gascon’s family and long-term companions: watch it here: