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Our Team

DR. ALMUT BESOLD                Almut.Besold@Freiheit.org

Dr. Almut Besold
Head of FNF Philippines

YANYAN ARANA                                    yanyan.arana@freiheit.org

Yanyan Arana
Project Manager

GEMALYN SIAPCO-PALAC gemalyn.siapco@freiheit.org

Gemalyn Siapco
Finance Officer

SOFIA ATANACIO sofia.atanacio@freiheit.org

Sofia Atanacio
Program Officer

MARGARET RAYE DADPAAS margaret.dadpaas@freiheit.org

Margaret Dadpaas
Finance Assistant

MARY GRACE VASQUEZ grace.vasquez@freiheit.org

Grace Vasquez
Administrative Assistant

ERICA MAE PUA                              EricaMae.Pua@freiheit.org 

Erica Mae Pua
Finance Assistant

GIAN ARRE                                    Gian.Arre@freiheit.org

Gian Arre PNG
Communications Officer

ALBERT BRIONES                                    Albert.Briones@freiheit.org

Albert Briones
IT Assistant & Driver

JOANN BENAVENTE                                    Joan.Benavente@freiheit.org

Joan Benavente
Office Staff

FNF Philippines is comprised of a vibrant, diverse and innovative team whose members are always open to new ideas when executing its programs. These traits of the young team help ensure that liberal education and advocacy work are fun, inclusive, and relevant to Filipinos. The continuous realization and promotion of freedom is what keeps them going, turning adversity into opportunity where more people can participate in the democratic process.