Women Empowerment
EmpowerHER: Unlocking the Potential of Women Leaders in Startups

Workshop for Empowering Female Leaders in Korean Startups
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On September 13, 2023, an inspiring event was unfolded at Google for Startups Campus, Seoul as Friedrich Naumann Foundation Korea office (FNF Korea), in collaboration with ALLY Business Consulting, organized the "EmpowerHER: Unlocking the Potential of Women Leaders in Startups" workshop. This dynamic gathering was tailored for female leaders in the thriving startup ecosystem of South Korea.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving business landscape, the EmpowerHER workshop aimed to bring accomplished female leaders from diverse fields together. The goal was clear: to share strategies for overcoming challenges and achieving success in an industry often marked by gender imbalance, social biases, and fundraising hurdles. However, this event was not just about addressing these issues; it was an effort to promote diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment among women in leadership positions.

Frederic Spohr giving welcoming speech

Frederic Spohr, Head of FNF Korea, welcoming the attendees at EmpowerHER workshop

The event kicked off with an inspiring opening speech by Ara Goh, CEO of ALLY. As a female leader in a startup herself, Goh underscored the importance of empowering female leaders in the startup world, emphasizing that their success contributes to a more inclusive and dynamic business landscape. Frederic Spohr, Head of FNF Korea, extended a warm welcome to all attendees. His words reflected the commitment of FNF Korea to support and nurture female talent in the startup ecosystem.

Panel Discussion

(from left to right) Ara Goh, CEO of ALLY; Hyunaeh Lee, Senior Researcher at Hyundai AutoEver; Jah-yong Shin, CEO of Diamond Forest

The first part of the workshop was dedicated to a panel discussion, moderated by Goh. The panel featured Hyunaeh Lee, the Senior Researcher at Hyundai AutoEver with a remarkable journey in the competitive automobile industry. Joining her was Jah-yong Shin, the innovative CEO of Diamond Forest, a startup specializing in sustainable, lab-grown diamonds, disrupting the traditional jewelry industry with eco-friendly practices. Both of these accomplished female business leaders shared their insights, experiences, and strategies for success. They discussed the challenges they have faced and how they have risen above them. The Q&A session that followed allowed attendees to gain further insights and advice directly from these trailblazers.

The second part of the workshop featured group coaching sessions. These smaller, more intimate gatherings allowed participants to receive personalized guidance and support from professional coaches. It was an opportunity to delve deeper into individual challenges and seek solutions. The event concluded with a networking session, providing participants with an opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and continue fostering valuable connections within the startup ecosystem.