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Call for Applications to participate with Fully-Funded supporting for Falling Walls Lab in Germany

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The Falling Walls Lab Myanmar is hosted with the approval of Falling Walls Foundation in Germany. FNF and partners have hosted the Lab since 2016 (except 2021) and this year will be the sixth year of Falling Walls Lab Myanmar.

It is intended to promote outstanding entrepreneurial, social and scientific initiatives, research projects as well as business plans. By hosting the Falling Walls Lab in Myanmar, the spirit of innovations and competition shall be fostered among entrepreneurs, students and innovative thinkers from all disciplines.

About Falling Walls Foundations

The Falling Walls Foundation is a non-profit organization in Berlin, dedicated to the support of science and the humanities.

• It organizes the Falling Walls Conference, an annual international conference where 20 world-class scientists from a broad range of disciplines present their current breakthrough research in 15 minutes.

• The Conference takes place on 9 November each year on the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

• More than 600 guests from over 75 nations attend the Conference, among them decision makers from science, industry, business, politics and society.


The Falling Walls Foundation is supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research, Helmholtz Association, the Robert Bosch Founda¬tion, the Berlin Senate Department for Econom¬ics, Technology and Research as well as a wide variety of leading research institutions, founda¬tions and companies.


The Falling Walls Foundation founded the Falling Walls Lab in 2011 with the great support of A.T. Kearney Central Europe in order to

• connect emerging talents and senior innovators

• discover and develop outstanding researchers

• support interdisciplinary dialogue and international cooperation

• develop new ways of scientific communication

• build up strong and sustainable networks


Outstanding talents, innovators, high potentials with groundbreaking ideas.

• All disciplines are welcome: from agriculture, medicine, natural sciences, economics and philosophy to the liberal arts.



• If an applicant has a Bachelor’s degree, the degree should not date back more than 10 years.

• If an applicant has a Master’s degree, the degree should not date back more than 7 years.

• If an applicant has a PhD, the degree should not date back more than 5 years.

• Postdocs and students which are currently enrolled in university are also eligible to apply.


The Falling Walls Foundation will review all incoming applications and provide the hosting institution a final list of applications which will only include eligible applicants.


All applications are made centrally on the Falling Walls Website:


The online application form consists of 5 steps:

1. Personal data/contact details

2. Higher education, publications, awards/scholarships, languages

3. Motivation

4. CV upload and breakthrough idea

5. Where did you hear about us/ terms and conditions


Every participant has exactly 3 minutes to present – that is what makes every Falling Walls Lab fast-paced and exciting. Every scholar should prepare 3 PPT-slides: 1 introductory slide with name, institution and title of presentation, and 2 content slides.


The winner will be

• travels to Berlin on 7-9 November 2022

• qualifies directly for the Lab Finale in Berlin on 7 November 2022 as one of 100 international and interdisciplinary participants (travel costs and accom¬modation are covered).

• is awarded a ticket for the international Falling Walls Conference on 9 November 2022 where some of the world’s most prominent scientists from around the world present their current breakthrough research in 15 minutes each.


FNF shall support all the relating expenses for the implementation of the Falling Walls Competition and the travel costs of the winner to travel to Berlin for Falling Walls Finale.