Rethinking liberalism in an uncertain world: an agenda for our future

The future of liberalism depends on the establishment of a strong rule of law underpinned by resilient legal frameworks and institutions. This ensures stability in social and economic aspects, while safeguarding human rights. It also involves preserving democracy, promoting human rights and economic progress, as well as embracing uncertainty and responsibility, which can be challenging for societies. We live in an era of identity ideologies, with various groups vigorously defending their agendas.

Local project coordinators of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation from around the world organized a Global Forum on “Rethinking Liberalism”. This is the first time that an event was conceptualized by local colleagues collaborating across continents. They all come from different cultural, economic, religious and social backgrounds, but share the same commitment to fundamental human values, the idea that basic human rights are inalienable and the central idea that liberalism is the best way to organize an open society that maximizes individual freedom.