50 and Beyond

FNF Malaysia 50 Years Anniversary

FNF Malaysia 50 Years Anniversary 

© FNF Malaysia 

23 September 2022

We celebrated our 50 years last month with our partners who we have not seen since pandemic. 50 years is neither long nor short but it sure is a long journey. Looking back there were ups and down that we have to face. Our office opened and closed several times, we moved office from one country to another and finally decided to stop at a metropolitan city called “Jakarta.”

We gathered people who shaped us to be who we are today, they are part of our history and we want you to meet them

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Speaking about our partners some have been with us for more than decades. As they are still standing stronger, so are we. They are getting more and more creative each year trying to keep up with the technology in order to widen their message on social media so more people are aware of certain issues.

Some are brave enough to use the term “Liberalism” while the society still have negative notion about the term. However, they believe the wider the middle ground, the better. We cannot push some ideologies far aside, the more we push, the more they rebel. Therefore, middle ground is needed in order to give space for everyone to speak.

Nevertheless, their persistence to create better society and better democracy in Malaysia reminds me of Buzz Lightyear’s quote “The Important thing is that we stick together”. When we are together, we can go far. At the end of the day, all we want is a better Malaysia.

We are delighted to celebrate our anniversary at the German Ambassador’s Residence. The opening remarks started with H.E Dr. Peter Blomeyer as The Ambassador, followed by Mr. Manfred Richter, Member of The Board Directors and Treasurer of FNF, Dr. Almut Besold as the Head of FNF Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Dominic Lau, President of Malaysian People’s Movement Party (GERAKAN), and Hon.Fuziah Salleh from the People’s Justice Party (PKR).

After the opening remarks, we are light up by the amazing voice from Vanessa S.Y.T, our winner from our Living Freedom, Sing Freedom Song writing event. The guests continued to mingle around and it is like it’s a never ending chit-chat. However, it is good to see that our guests made new connections with other guests that they might have not met before.

However, for us, as a team, it is wonderful to see our partners in real life, no screen between us. We are happy to share these memories with them and again, We are looking forward to the next 50 years, and more adventures together with our partners.

To Infinity and beyond.

Thank you

Watch the highlight of the event below:

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