Advocating Civic and Voter Education: GMM's Leadership Training for Community Leaders Invites School Wardens from the State of Johor

A group photo of participants, trainers, and organizers from GMM's Leadership Training for Community Leaders in Pengerang, Johor, on 24-25 April 2024

Pengerang, Johor – Akademi Gagasan Minda Merdeka (GMM) has successfully organized a Leadership Training for Community Leaders at Desa Selatan Resort on the 24th and 25th last April. This workshop heralded one of GMM and FNF's partnership commitments in advocating civic and voter education all around Malaysia, in collaboration with Johor State Education Department. 

The training involved 60 school wardens under the Johor education department. All of which are in charge of managing secondary-level students. The two-day training included group games and exercises aimed at building trust and rapport among the participants, as well as reinforcing basic understanding on Rukun Negara (national principles) and democratic practices. They were also briefly apprised of the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set by the Ministry of Education in relation to their role and responsibilities as wardens.

Participants of GMM's Leadership Training forming a circle around a trainer standing in the middle
© Photo Courtesy of © Akademi Gagasan Minda Merdeka (GMM)
A batch of training participants paying close attention to the trainer's explanation from the front of the room. Another trainer is busy writing on one of the two small whiteboards
© Photo Courtesy of © Akademi Gagasan Minda Merdeka (GMM)

One of the group exercises is called “Choice Package”, where participants were given several assignments to do before being paired off with a partner to review their respective choices regarding the assignments and the rationalisation behind them. It is rather similar to the method of weighing pros and cons. This exercise was indeed intended to accustom the participants to the process of effective decision-making. And to translate such knowledge into actions in their duties as school warden, namely to help their students understand better the concepts of democracy and their rights as informed voters once they turn of age.

Participants sitting across each other in pairs as part of the "Choice Package" session
© Photo Courtesy of © Akademi Gagasan Minda Merdeka (GMM)

At the end of the session, participants were also encouraged to contemplate on and convey their impressions of the whole two-day training program.



This article is written based on the short report prepared by Akademi Gagasan Minda Merdeka (GMM)