A Transformative Experience - My Time as an Intern at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Jakarta

jana dietrich

FNF Indonesia is currently not opening any opportunities for internships. Please follow our social media to keep updated for future opportunities.

From April to August this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Jakarta. During my time there, I was able to gain a lot of personal and professional experience as well as meet many great people.

I arrived in the fascinating metropolis of Jakarta at the end of March, a little uncertain and excited about the months ahead. What would await me? How would I cope with life in a vibrant Asian city? I had already lived in Yogyakarta for five months, but life there is much quieter and more tranquil than in the capital Jakarta.

On my first day at work, however, I was warmly welcomed by my friendly colleagues, which made my start here much easier. In general, there is a very open, relaxed, and collegial atmosphere in the FNF Jakarta office, so I felt at ease right from the start. Especially Dr. Almut Besold, the project manager, was a great help and always there for me when I needed advice or support.

My work at FNF Jakarta was extremely interesting, diverse and exciting. In addition to translating articles and documents, I was also allowed to write articles myself. Furthermore, I was able to support my colleagues in the preparation of events, to which I was then also allowed to accompany them. During my internship, I was able to travel to Lombok and Sumatra, among other places, and got a good insight into the foundation's work on the ground. These trips were really unforgettable experiences.

jana dietrich

Excursion to the Baha'i during an event in Pekanbaru, Riau.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to participate in team meetings, panel discussions and other events and thus complete my picture of how the foundation works in Jakarta.

All in all, the work was really a lot of fun, not least because of the great team here in Jakarta and the positive atmosphere in the office. I always think back fondly to our joint team excursion to a ceramics workshop.

jana dietrich

Group photo during our team excursion.

Fortunately, my initial concerns about living in Jakarta dissipated very quickly. The FNF office is located in a very nice and quiet neighborhood, so you rarely get the feeling of really living in a big city here. But Jakarta also has much more to offer than it seems at first glance, and as time went by, I really enjoyed the advantages of this lively city. There are numerous malls, bars, restaurants, and other leisure activities, so I was never bored in my free time.

jana dietrich

View over the Jakarta Skyline.

Overall, my internship at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Jakarta was an extremely enriching experience that not only helped me personally, but also professionally. I am incredibly grateful for my time here and all the experiences I was able to have. On the one hand, I was able to learn and develop a lot professionally, and I also got a good insight into the work of a political foundation abroad. On the other hand, the months here were also a very formative time for me personally, which I will certainly always remember with pleasure.

After my bachelor's degree, I will definitely keep an eye on political education work and could very much imagine working in this field later on.

Finally, I would like to thank all my colleagues for this wonderful time at FNF Jakarta!


Written by Jana Dietrich, if you would like to ask her further about internship at FNF Jakarta (Indonesia and Malaysia) you can contact her through her LinkedIn

FNF Indonesia is currently not opening any opportunities for internships. Please follow our social media to keep updated for future opportunities.

jana dietrich

The Team of FNF Jakarta.