Project Director
Thank you, Dr. Almut Besold!

Almut Besold

As we bid farewell to Dr. Almut Besold, the Project Director of FNF Indonesia for the past five years, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for her exceptional leadership and profound influence on our office. Her democratic leadership style, emphasis on teamwork, and remarkable ability to balance personal and professional responsibilities have left an exceptional mark on us all.

Dr. Besold's inclusive leadership approach valued the opinions of the entire team, fostering open dialogue and optimal problem-solving. Her guidance and support have inspired us, highlighting the power of collaboration and the importance of considering diverse perspectives.

Through various team-building activities, Dr. Besold nurtured strong bonds among the staff which creates a harmonious work environment. Her focus on effective communication and mutual respect has enhanced productivity and fostered a sense of belonging within the FNF Indonesia family.

In addition to her professional career life, Dr. Besold's ability to balance her role as a Project Director with being a loving mother to four children has garnered our admiration. Her kindness and appreciation for others surely left a lasting impression on everyone she encountered during her time in Indonesia.

As Dr. Almut Besold moves on to her new position as Project Director in FNF Philippines, we express our deep gratitude for her invaluable contributions to FNF Indonesia. We extend our best wishes to Dr. Besold in her future endeavors, knowing that she will continue to inspire and empower others, just as she has done for us. The FNF Indonesia staff are immensely grateful for the privilege of working under her guidance.

Sampai bertemu lagi, dear Ibu Almut!