#6 Talking About Seminar Facilitation

#6 Talking about Seminar Facilitation

"Have your program worked out doesn't mean that you are prepared" says Marike Groenewald, one of our guests in this podcast episode. Audience participation and engagement depends on the “way of being” of a facilitator. But what does it need to create a liberal environment in training sessions and events, where an audience is able to participate fully and think well for themselves? 

In this episode we're meeting Marike Groenewald who is the founder of Anew, an organisational and people development consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Marike also served for nearly eight years as the Director of the DA's Young Leaders Programme, the party's flagship year-long leadership development course and the only programme of its kind in the world.

Trisha Lord, Trainer and Coach lecturing in advanced Coaching Skills, has trained with Arnold Mindell in Process Facilitation; and is accredited by Nancy Kline as a Faculty Member, Consultant and Coach in delivering the Thinking Environment. Trisha is also based in South Africa.

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