Keeping Channels Open

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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Partners launched a project in September 2020 to proactively generate ideas for keeping channels open between the UK, US and Europe - beyond Brexit. Through a series of dynamic roundtables and shared analysis, we are hosting a multidisciplinary group of politicians and governance practitioners; sectoral and professional experts, academics and think-tanks; campaigners, strategists and influencers. Together, this ever-expanding international network is brainstorming initiatives to promote constructive relations in several spheres – with the goal of fostering interconnectedness and resilience in this new era of populism and challenge to democracy.


Introductory Roundtable – Keeping Channels Open – 14 September 2020

Managing Culture Wars, Tribalism & Disinformation – 17 November 2020



City to City/Region to Region – 16 February 2021


Coming Up

Foreign Policy, Security, Multilateralism - common ground UK-US-EU

Power of Networks - models and initiatives to enhance connectivity and generate change


If you would like to get involved in this initiative, please get in touch with project leaders Sandra Khadhouri and Jeroen Dobber.