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Art Interrupted: Greece

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Art Interrupted Greece
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In Greece, where art has been prominent throughout its long history, the documentary made about the painter and illustrator Maria Panagiotou focuses on the financial conditions of artists. In this documentary, also called Art Interrupted and directed by Eleftherios Asimakopoulos, the difficulties that an independent artist has to cope with to maintain life are told at first hand.

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The “Art Interrupted” project was a motivation for me to popularize a kind of art that is not generally promoted in the Greek media. Every day, we see actors and singers on TV because their professions are connected with instant communication.
What about painters? What about people who are not famous on social media? These people have voices, which should also be heard.
Maria Panagiotou is a creative and talented artist, whom I know personally. She has potential but in many ways, the government and state obstruct her instead of lending a helping hand.

Greece is a country that gives the opportunity for artists to be inspired by their history. As the Artist mentions in the film: "In Greece, art has been going hand in hand with the life of the Greeks for many, many years…It’s all around us, no matter what we do, no matter where we go.“
In a country with this background, it is unacceptable to put art and artists in the back seat.

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Eleftherios Asimakopoulos
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Mahmut Çınar Art Interrupted.

Mahmut Çınar

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Art Interrupted Project

This film is part of ‘Art Interrupted’ documentary series, produced by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for East and Southeast Europe, in cooperation with artists from Turkey, Greece, Armenia, and Georgia.

‘Art Interrupted’ aims to explore the difficulties in the field of art, to raise broader awareness of the problems faced by artists, and to develop collective solutions to problems of freedom of expression in East and Southeast Europe.