FNF North Macedonia

FNF launched its project work in North Macedonia at the end of the 1990s, when in the post-war setting, exacerbated by growing ethnic tensions, the democratic development of the newly established state was endangered.

Initially, the focus of FNF’s work was the fostering of the rule of law and the democratisation of institutions.  Recently, the Foundation has been putting more priority on projects for the promotion of European values and for preparing the ground for prospective EU membership. The ultimate goal is for FNF to contribute to a value driven, democratic environment where strong liberal parties guarantee freedom of speech and the rule of law. In this regard, FNF collaborates closely with liberal political parties, providing them with consultancy and capacity-building assistance. The main focus of FNF’s work with civil organisations and think-tanks lies in the promotion of ethnic, religious and gender tolerance, which are the cornerstones for peace  in any ethnically heterogeneous country

Our partners in North Macedonia:

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Liberal Democratic Youth (LIDEM)

Forum of Women of LDP

Methamorphosis Foundation 


More about our work:

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