Black Book’s Media Coverage in bTV Show '120 Minutes'

TV Interview with Martin Kothé for the Premiere of the Black Book of Government Waste 2020
martin kothee in bTV

The credibility of the Black Book of Government Waste in Bulgaria has increased over time, which has triggered media attention. Watch below the interview with Martin Kothé, FNF Director for Bulgaria, for bTV, the most popular television channel in the country. Watch the TV interview of Martin Kothé about the premiere of the the Black Book of Government Waste 2020 for the highly respectable political talkshow “120 Minutes” with the journalist, Svetoslav Ivanov.

120 Minutes TV Show: The Power to Provoke Reflection
120 Minutes TV Show: The Power to Provoke Reflection © bTV

With every edition of the Black Book we are one step closer to achieving its overall goal, to increase the civic control over the efficient and lawful spending of public funds and taxpayers’ money.  It is up to the people of Bulgaria to require more transparency and accountability from the local authorities and national institutions. Check out the newly released 2020 edition and new Black Book website in Bulgarian, A website in English is upcoming soon.  

martin kothee in bTV
Martin Kothé, Regional Director of FNF East and Southeast Europe

The Black Book tells stories about inefficient spending and misuse of Bulgarian and European taxpayers’ money, conflicts of interest, corruption and more. A team of highly respected investigative journalists do the fact-checking of all cases and monitor the development of stories over time.  

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has published so far 6 editions of the Black Book in Bulgaria. We remain committed to continuing this investigative project.  

Black Book Interview in btv