Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2020

Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2020: Breaking the Wall of the Skills Gap between Universities and the Employment Sector for STEM Graduates

Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2020: Breaking the Wall of the Skills Gap between Universities and the Employment Sector for STEM Graduates

Yangon, 26 September 2020. The inspiring idea that falls the wall of skills gap between universities and the employment sector for STEM graduates has become the winning idea for Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2020.

Wutt Hmone Hnin Hlaing won the Falling Walls Lab Myanmar 2020 with her ground breaking idea out of her 7 peer contestants who also presented their innovative ideas in Myanmar Lab. The ideas that intends to break the wall of inaccessible counselling and Food Waste in urban area became the first runner up and the second runner up.

Falling Walls Lab is a challenging and inspiring platform for emerging talents, to showcase their talents and ideas, to connect with like-minded people around the world, and to break through the today’s challenges with their original and innovative ideas. In both local and global lab, participants are given three minutes to present their research work, business model or initiative.

Due to Covid-19 situation, the local Myanmar Lab took place virtually on 26th September in Yangon, and was aired live on FNF Myanmar Facebook Page. The winner and the first runner-up will be presenting their ideas in the Global Lab virtually this year and will take part in the Falling Walls Global Extended Program offered by the Falling Walls Foundation in Berlin.

In 2020 Myanmar Lab, total 8 contestants pitched for the Final Lab, and they tackled the issues of education, food waste, agriculture, logistic sector, and low income of regular farmers and lottery retailers. To mention all the presentation titles, they are breaking the wall of human development issues, Breaking the wall of Lost income for local lottery retailers, Breaking the Wall of Unattractive Farming Jobs, Breaking the wall of inaccessible counselling, Breaking the wall of local farmers’ irregular income, Breaking the wall of the skills gap between universities and the employment sector for stem graduates, Breaking the wall of food waste in urban area.

“For us, it is truly amazing and so much worth supporting the young innovators who wish to thrive in the innovation industry to tackle with today challenges. The vibes and inspiration we see in the contestants of this year throughout the Incubation Program, it is so much promising for the future of our country. For FNF, we are here, even more committed than ever, to continue our undoubting support to these promising talents and innovators in Myanmar. We so much want to welcome innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers from Myanmar to join the Lab in 2021,” said Mrs. Biak Hlei Sung, the Programme Manager of FNF Myanmar.

 “It’s a privilege for me to be a jury and it’s a great opportunity for me to explain the things about on behalf of the juries. Among those, it’s a great challenge for all of us to pick out the best of one although all are good. I wish all the ideas presented today are implemented for our country. I wish all my best to the selected projects and also encourage to the rest of participants,” mentioned Swe Zin Htike, one of the Jury Members, in her congratulation remarks to the winner during her encouragement speech at the Final Lab.

The jury panel of 2020 Myanmar Lab is represented by Swe Zin Htaike (Managing Director, Communications Service Company Ltd.), Hla Hla Win (CEO, 360ed), Chindy Chaw Khin Khin (CEO, MCC Group Myanmar), Ravi Chahhbra (CEO, Yangon Innovation Center), and Thuta Aung (Member, Myanmar Competition Commission).