The Vučić System

An Analysis of the Consolidation and Concentration of Power
The Vucic System © FNF

Following the analysis of the protest movements in Serbia in recent years, another analysis of political developments in Serbia is now available from Serbia's former ambassador to Indonesia, Jovan Jovanović.

The focus is on the development of democracy and the rule of law. What the author presents in detail about the "Vučić System" and backs up with numerous sources is as illuminating as it is sobering.

He vividly traces the political career and rise of the current president and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic: from the long-time secretary-general of the nationalist Serbian Radical Party to the founding of the SNS in 2008 to its imposing rise to become the strongest party, which ultimately dominates the entire political playing field. A pointed analysis that raises many questions about the future of the country that one day wants to become a member of the European Union.