Meet the Trainers
Ivana Fundurulić

Teacher | Alumnae of the Alliance of Her 2022
Ivana Fundurulić

Ivana is a mathematics and physics teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. Her passion for teaching is complemented by a drive for continual learning and knowledge-sharing, actively seeking out new projects and workshops that foster growth and enlightenment within her field. Ivana made history as the first female president of the University’s Mountaineering society Velebit, breaking barriers since its establishment in 1950 showing that her leadership skills extend beyond the academic realm.

In 2019, Ivana stepped onto the political stage. Today, she holds several key roles within the party “Centar”: organizational secretary, secretary of the party’s Zagreb branch, and the head of the party’s educational committee. Throughout all her ventures, Ivana persistently advocates for education, women’s rights, and environmental preservation. Her interest in these areas not only reflects her professional expertise but also defines her personal convictions and shows consistent investment in empowering her students, promoting gender equality, and protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations.