How Covid-19 and technology sparked a culture change

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In this episode, we talked to Michael Lobeck from  and Dragutin `Drago` Djeković from  about the increased use of technology sparked by the pandemic, our changing lifestyles and new working attitudes. How will it all impact our lives eventually and what changes might the future still hold?

Our colleague, Toni R. Crisolli, talked to our two guests to find out more:

- Michael Lobeck

He is a consultant and moderator in urban development. He supports municipalities, ministries and private actors in questions of citizen participation and digitisation. He studied geography and political science a long time ago and has since specialised in communication between citizens, administrations, politics and companies. He is particularly interested in how we can jointly and sustainably shape society in a way that it is possible for everyone to live a good life.

- Dragutin Drago Djeković

He was recently appointed as a Director of Agency for Management of Protected Areas of Podgorica. He has been working for the City of Podgorica as a City Manager for 5 years, and the Head of Sustainable Development. Prior to his engagement in the Capital of Montenegro, for almost ten years, Drago lived in London and has been working as European and International Advisor in the Local Government Association of England and Wales.

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