EU Integration :

The countries of the Western Balkans are at different stages of their integration into pan-European structures. However, the European unification process is not complete without the Western Balkans states. In order to maintain the perspective of EU accession, fundamental reforms will have to be implemented. Societies as well need to be clear about what it means to be part of a European community of values. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation therefore supports pro-European partners in the region and promotes the EU integration of all states, but not without addressing negative developments.



The podcast "Rajsferšlus - politika koja spaja" created by the FNF Western Balkans, aims to clarify the motives for forming German and European views in order to instil a sense of the complexity of European politics among listeners interested in politics, as well as to present guidelines for the reaction of the Western Balkan countries to it. For this, it is essential to get better acquainted with the basic principles, decision-making processes, and guidelines of German and European politics that have evolved through history.

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