FNF Vietnam and Hue University Host a Series of Workshops on Green Urban Areas and Smart Cities

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Faced with the challenges of environmental pollution and urban waste management, HUIS - International School - Hue University and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Vietnam organised two international workshops on the application of technology in smart urban planning and development, highlighting the role of women in comprehensive urban development and climate change adaptation.

On April 25th, in Hue City, an international workshop titled “Green Urban Areas: Smart Technology Applications in Waste Sorting and Treatment” was held to provide a forum for exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences in waste sorting at the source and managing waste in traditional markets using technology, contributing to building greener, smarter, and more sustainable urban areas. The workshop attracted nearly 100 scientists, managers, and stakeholders in the field of waste management.

During the workshop, various papers were presented by the delegates, such as “Methods of Recycling Organic Waste and Agricultural By-products in Markets to Protect the Environment and Combine Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship”; “Using the Grac Software for Household Solid Waste Management”; “Applying Technology in Waste Sorting at Source and Collecting Recyclable Waste Through the mGreen Mobile Application.” The delegates also discussed and exchanged numerous opinions on green urban areas and the application of smart technology in waste sorting and treatment.

According to Dr. Kieu Thi Thu Huong, Project Manager of the Climate Change Programme at FNF Vietnam, in the context of the global challenges posed by rapid urbanisation and the increasing amount of waste released into the environment, sustainable urban development and the creation of green - clean - beautiful urban spaces are the current trends. In this situation, we urgently need “smart solutions” to build green urban areas. To meet this essential need, we must recognise the opportunities that the digital technology era brings and thus propose appropriate and effective solutions to address these challenges. Through presentations, discussion sessions, and exchanges of ideas, it is hoped that we will have the most comprehensive and detailed view of the current situation and the prospects of smart solutions in waste management.

25.04.2024 Hội thảo quốc tế với chủ đề Đô thị Xanh Ứng dụng công nghệ thông minh trong phân loại và xử lý rác
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On April 24th, both parties successfully co-organized the international workshop “Gender and the Role of Women in Smart Cities and Climate Change Adaptation”, which aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change in urban areas and the significant influence of women in the adaptation process. The workshop attracted more than 110 delegates, experts, managers, and stakeholders in fields related to smart urban management and climate change.

The goal of the workshop was to connect experts, researchers, officials, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and social activists, especially to highlight the role of women concerning the impacts of climate change in urban areas. The workshop also included training sessions on two topics aimed at enhancing essential knowledge by integrating gender considerations into smart city initiatives and climate change adaptation efforts; practicing some digital transformation techniques, and serving personal brand development and business in the digital environment and social media for women.

This was a valuable forum to explore the intersection of gender, smart urban development, and climate change, particularly understanding the crucial role of women in planning, building, and developing smart cities and promoting climate change adaptation strategies. This, in turn, serves to develop personal branding, and business in the digital environment and social media for women, aiming towards a smarter and more equitable urban development.

Hội thảo quốc tế “Giới và vai trò của phụ nữ trong thành phố thông minh và thích ứng với biến đổi khí hậu"
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