FNF Vietnam's 2024 Partner Meeting in Hanoi: Celebrating Transitions

FNF Partner Meeting 2024

FNF Vietnam

Hanoi, June 20, 2024 – The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Vietnam (FNF Vietnam) successfully hosted its Partner Meeting at the Melia Hotel in the heart of Hanoi. This prestigious event, hosted every year since 2012, aimed to foster a collaborative environment for sharing insights and providing updates on FNF's activities with its partners and networks, thereby facilitating the exchange of ideas among experts and reinforcing relationships and connections between stakeholders.

This year, the Partner Meeting 2024 marks a significant milestone for the FNF Vietnam as it welcomes Mrs. Vanessa Steinmetz as the new Country Director. Concurrently, FNF Vietnam bids farewell to Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers as he embarks on a new professional journey. To commemorate this transition, leaders and representatives from partner organizations, universities, research institutes, international organisations, along with the German community in Vietnam, were invited to participate in this momentous occasion.

The main program opened with a keynote address by Mr. Simon Kreye, Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy in Vietnam. This was followed by a speech from Mrs. Vu Quynh Duong, representing FNF Vietnam’s staff, who reflected on the contributions of Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers.

During his tenure from 2020 to 2024, Prof. Dr. Stoffers significantly enhanced FNF's visibility in Vietnam through his extensive contributions to Vietnamese media, including articles and interviews on economic and socio-economic issues. He also actively published valuable works, such as the book commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam-Germany diplomatic relations (2020), best seller book of Johann Noberg “Progress-10 reason to look forward to the future” (2023). In addition to being an innovative manager, Andreas is also an inspirational leader who cares deeply about team building and coaching. As a result, he is greatly loved and respected by colleagues, staff, and partner friends.

Mr. Moritz Kleine Brockhoff, Southeast and East Asia Regional Head, addressed the audience, highlighting the leadership transition and introducing Mrs. Vanessa Steinmetz, who will take over as the Country Director of FNF Vietnam. Mrs. Steinmetz, currently the Country Director for FNF Myanmar and Thailand, brings extensive experience in managing and organizing activities across the region.

The formal proceedings concluded with an invitation to a dinner reception, where guests enjoyed a warm and joyful evening, exchanging well-wishes for Prof. Dr. Stoffers and Mrs. Steinmetz.

FNF Vietnam extends our deepest gratitude to our friends and partners who attended the 2024 Partner Meeting. We deeply appreciate the support and best wishes extended to Prof. Dr. Stoffers. Additionally, the warm welcome for our new Country Director, Mrs. Vanessa Steinmetz, marks a significant milestone in FNF Vietnam's journey. We thank you for the continued support and cooperation for our friends and partners. Please join us in reminiscing over the memorable moments captured during the event.