FNF Vietnam and the ARISE+ Vietnam Project looking for working relationship

FNF Vietnam and ARISE+ Vietnam establishing close working relationship
Mr. Peter Bernhardt (left) and Prof. Dr. Stoffers (right) © ARISE+ Vietnam

In January 2022, Mr. Peter Bernhardt, the Team Leader of ARISE+ Viet Nam Project, had invited Prof. Dr. Andreas Stoffers, Country Director of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Vietnam, to join the workshop on “Training course on Trade data analysis to facilitate the implementation of Free Trade Agreements". They held a meeting after the workshop to discuss potential collaboration and strengthening the relationship between the two parties to improve the capacity building and knowledge about the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in Viet Nam.

FNF has been intensively working on EVFTA over the last years with a focus on promoting the private sector to understand the agreement and maximizing the benefits of this important Free Trade Agreements, coming into force in August 2020, in Vietnam.

Prof. Dr. Stoffers shared his view on the collaboration between ARISE+ Viet Nam project and FNF: “Now that the ratification of the EVFTA was some time ago and the global restrictions due to Covid19 had made the implementation difficult, it is time to intensify relations between Vietnam and the EU. ARISE+ VIET NAM is an essential piece of the mosaic in this context. I was able to personally convince myself of the high quality of this project and the depth of the trainings during today's course. The EU and ARISE, together with their Vietnamese partners, have been able to get a lot on their feet here. We as FNF look forward to supporting this endeavour.”

ARISE+ Viet Nam is an EU’s ongoing flagship trade related assistance programme (2020-2023) includes SPS, TBT, export promotion and the comprehensive implementation of the EVFTA through a rapid response facility. For more information, please visit the project website or contact

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