FNF Turkey Event
"Re-Start 2021: Let’s Catch Up and Celebrate the Year"

FNF Turkey’s New Year Networking Event

The show must go on! The invitation that hit the mailboxes recently excited us all:

Re-Start 21 FNF Turkey

On 25 February, we, as the FNF Turkey Office, came together with our stakeholders, partners, alumni groups and wider network for our traditional new year event, but this time not physically. The “Re-Start 2021: Let’s Catch up and Celebrate” was held online, which was not a regular digital meeting that you may realize. As we believe in the importance of innovation and creativity, we were eager to create a more intimate atmosphere for our guests. Therefore, as to also have a physical experience of the event, we provided long-awaited FNF gourmet delicacies and goodie bags with a box to all participants prior to the start of the event. Even if 2020 is difficult for all of us, we would like to kick-off new projects with a good taste in our mouths and hearts.

Re-Start 21 FNF Turkey-2

The event was divided into three parts: the first part consisting of the welcoming speeches and the FNF Kahoot online game, then the traditional FNF Oscar Ceremony, and lastly, a big ice-breaking game, which is provided by the energetic team of Tezgahçılar.

We started our event with a welcoming speech by Dr Ronald Meinardus, the Head of FNF Turkey Office; then, Gülcin Sinav, the Project Director of FNF Turkey, introduced the program to the invitees and welcomed them warmly. It was followed by an online Kahoot game prepared by Elif Güney-Menderes, Project Coordinator of FNF Turkey. There were questions about the FNF in general and our Turkey Office in particular. Our beloved colleagues Esra Evyurt, Dudhan Kimyon, Matthias Baus and Serdar Sabureden, accompanied us while the questions are presented. The game allowed us to have a competitive soul while we remembered our projects from the previous years. There was a great interest in the game, but there was only one winner.

After the game, we continued with the traditional FNF Oscar Ceremony, which brought into being many years ago and honours the outstanding achievements of our partners in different categories: The “Mission Impossible” award was given to a veteran journalist, Barçın  Yinanç, for her courage and determination in a challenging environment for media professionals. The “Best in Organization” award went to the Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD) for their excellent collaboration with the foundation. The SPoD is an LGBTI+ association that is a long-standing partner of the foundation. The last FNF Oscar for “Rookie of the Year” went to Daktilo1984, a recent partner of the foundation who has built up an online video-based platform for political discussions. All winners received the FNF Oscars to their homes and held a short acceptance speech.

Re-Start 21 FNF Turkey-3

After the award ceremony, Tezgahçılar took over the last part of the event by arranging ice-breaking formats to allow all participants to get to know each other better and initiate conversations. All participants were divided into small groups many times, where they started to get to know each other with a given set of questions and tasks.

Re-Start 21 FNF Turkey-3

The event was received with excitement before starting as the invitees posted the FNF boxes on their social media channels. During the whole event, there was a lively exchange in the chatbox happening, which gave the event an active and participative character. The event was ending with words of gratitude expressed by the participants. Thank you all for being a part of our wider freedom family!

“The event was so beautiful that I still have the good vibes around me and in me. Your inspirational speeches, the game, the contest, seeing so many acquaintances and new people with their smiles... It was such a well-being activity for me. You even "took care of" the foods and beverages despite everything! Knowing that people like you and organizations like FNF exist is so heart-warming. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.”

Murat Köylü – KAOS GL

“After 30 years in the so-called mainstream media, the transition to independent journalism took only a few days when I thought about leaving the profession and do something else. I am happy with my decision to go on. Oscar comes as a timely encouragement; thanks FNF Turkey for the unanimous decision.”

Barçın Yinanç - Journalist