Freedom Trilogy: Öykü. Onur. Ferda

Birileri Theatre 1

The story of Onur

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed on 10 December 1948 at the 183rd session of the United Nations General Assembly held in Paris. It's been in our lives ever since! However, the questions "How much is it in our life, how much is it internalised by the society and how much is it applied in practice?”, are always a topic of discussion. Considering fundamental rights and freedoms as its primary concern, Civil Production started the project "Birileri" designed by İlyas Özçakır, focusing on this discussion by using the empathy power of theatre through fictional stories.

The project, in which 30 fictional stories written by 30 different writers and played by 30 different actors for each article in the Declaration, aims to raise the printed declaration from “standing somewhere”.

Birileri Theatre 2

The story of Ferda

© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


The "Birileri” project, premiered with its second trilogy, “Öykü, Onur, Ferda (Freedom Trilogy)”, at Kadıköy TiyatrOPS on October 6, 2022.

In the second trilogy of the project, which makes use of the power of art in the internalization of human rights, the plays written on the basis of articles 12, 16 and 19 of the Declaration are brought to the stage in three different styles, united under the theme of Freedom.


Öykü, with a successful career in a corporate firm, gets laid off from her job because of a social media post she shares. The attempt to hide the sides of her personal life that are damaging to corporate identity will eventually lead Öykü to a point that threatens her own existence. 


Onur, who is in his early forties, while getting ready for his sister's wedding, is also preparing himself to answer questions from the wedding guests about when he will get married. This is because, in an environment where homosexual relationships are not socially accepted, he has to hide himself even from those who are closest to him. His lover, who is 15 years younger than him, is from a different generation and much more comfortable in getting himself accepted by others and wants to convince Onur to be more comfortable as well. Regardless, marriage is out of the question for Onur anyway, because the law deprives him from marrying the person he loves.


Ferda is a young woman trying to become a writer. When the story she created and Feza, the main character of her story gets censored by producers, Ferda decides to rewrite her story and Feza. However, Feza who stands up to this change, will drastically alter the course of the story with her astute ideas.

The Freedom Trilogy, which reopens the three articles of the Declaration through these three fictional characters, will be shown on different stages throughout the season. Birileri also aims to stay in touch with the audience through their social media accounts and website as well as carrying the discussions after the plays.

Birileri Theatre 3

The story of Öykü

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