Liberal Youth in Turkey
3H Movement XIII. Liberal Youth Congress

"New Turkey"
3H Liberal Youth Congress
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Our partner 3H Movement, which has been active in the fields of human rights, economic freedoms, and rights advocacy in Turkey since its establishment in 2006, held its XIII. Liberal Youth Congress at the Süleyman Seba Culture and Art Center with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The theme of the congress this year was New Turkey, drawing attention to the human rights violations in Turkey, censorship in the press and media, and the economic crisis. Eight speakers who are experts in their fields talked about the changes that await Turkey in the near future and what kind of Turkey the experts would like to see in their areas. At the congress, the partners of the 3H Movement, the Freedom Research Association, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation also talked about themselves and the projects they carried out.

3H Liberal Youth Congress 2
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In the opening speech of the congress, 3H Movement Chairman of the Board Serkan Can talked about the human rights violations and anti-democratic practices in Turkey in recent years. He stated that the end of these practices and a more democratic and liberal Turkey is not just a dream. In his speech, Serkan Can said, "We think that the winning of the next elections and the solidarity of a democratic opposition alliance will ultimately form the basis for these democratic demands to shape politics."

3H Liberal Yough Congress 3
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In the first session, İsrafil Özkan, Tuğkan Gündoğdu and Prof. Dr. Zeynep Alemdar expressed their opinions on various human rights violations in Turkey and what kind of changes should be made in these areas in a "New Turkey". Furthermore, they discussed the reasons for the many deaths caused by moonshine in Turkey, the Istanbul Convention and the pride parade, which has been banned for many years. Lastly, they talked about what awaits us in the future and how an ideal, free Turkey should look like.

In the second session of the congress, İbrahim Alper Akalın, Caner Gerek, and Özge Öner talked about the situation and future of the Turkish economy. In this session titled "The Future of the Turkish Economy", they spoke about the economic crisis that Turkey was experiencing and talked about the causes and consequences of this crisis and made observations and predictions about what would happen in case of a possible government or monetary policy change of the government.

3H Liberal Youth Congress 4
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In the last session of the congress, Umutcan Savcı, the founding partner of Aposto, and Medeni Sungur, the founder of Kuest, talked about the situation and future of the media in Turkey. The founders of these two companies, which set out to create innovative works in the media in Turkey, made some determinations about why they set out and the disinformation law that came into force in Turkey last week. At this point, they commented on what awaits Turkey in the media in the future and what will happen.

At the last part of the Congress, Bulut Öncü’s mother, Betül Öncü, came to the stage to present the 4th Bulut Öncü Courage Award, given on behalf of the 3H Movement volunteer Bulut Öncü, who passed away five years ago. In her speech, she congratulated the Brave Iranian Women who resisted despite the pressures they experienced and announced that the award was given to them this year.

Finally, 3H Movement Secretary General Kayra Kocagil closed the congress by thanking the organization team, speakers and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.